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Today I Will

Today I Will;

I will learn to be aware of emotions, allowing them to surface and I will express that emotion to allow myself to move towards growth. To accept the new normal.

New normal; is an oxymoron to indicate a life event that is out of the ordinary and has a long-lasting or permanent impact on someone’s day to day routine.

Today I Will;

Recognize life changed or is changing and I will learn to step into this new normal and work to overcome. I will draw on all the resources around me and within me to become resilient.

Today I will;

Build on my resilience and learn to cope with all the negative emotion. All the difficult steps I will learn to take to help me cope and learn to function at as close as a normal capacity


Resilience; the capacity to withstand or recover from difficulties.


And I will be gentle with myself to go one step at a time.

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