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The Power of Journaling

Journaling can be your release... even if it's only a whisper.

Today I will put down in writing my story, my journey, my hopes, my inspiration, my doubts and my questions. I will write about my yearning to understand who I am, where I have been and how that influences me and my life. What do I need to learn about where I have been and how to overcome the hurtful experiences? I believe the work of putting pen to paper and finding the words will have huge impact and power for me to grow and discover who I am. That through journaling I will learn to clarify some of those moments that seem confusing, I will take a deeper look at what triggers me, I will understand myself better. I will learn to love myself and through that I will know that my perceptions of experiences are just that and with further understanding I will let go and I will put down the heaviness of burdens that I have carried for so long.

Spend some time with yourself, learning to understand just how incredible you are.

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