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Sharing your stories can be such a great way to communicate with others. It can

bring people together, stories can be uplifting, educational or even funny. Bringing people joy through an experience of yours can be a great way to bond and bring people closer.

But sharing our other stories, the ones we whisper or those experiences we never talk about can be so hard, sometimes too hard. Because a lot of times we tell ourselves lies associated with them. Asking ourselves "who wants to listen?" or we can feel so much fear or shame attached to that story we stay quiet. But that quiet can grow. It grows and grows and it will show up in our lives in other ways - emotional or physical which sometimes can be so crippling it stops us from fully experiencing life.

So, find someone you trust to allow yourself the vulnerability to speak out loud and share that very story you haven’t even whispered.

Change your life and someone else’s…

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