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Remember who you are, remember who you were, and remind yourself of who you will be.

Know who you are, let go of the critic that sits on your shoulder and lies to you, some of her own lies and others built off of what society throws at her. Stop and listen to what you are telling yourself. If it were a friend sitting across the table from you saying the same things, you would be hurt and probably angry. Maybe even get up and leave, never wanting to be around her again. Yet we talk to ourselves constantly that way and we listen. Listen to the lies and absorb them until we believe them to be true. We listen to them until we believe and behave in a way that really does not serve us well. Eventually we believe them so strongly that we undermine our power, our potential, our strength and we lose who we are.

But REMEMBER it doesn't have to be this way. Look the other way, close your ear to the noise that is the lie, shut that inner critic down, and know that you are so much more!

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