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REACH out to your people, FIND your voice, TELL your story.

The mountain out of a mole hill...

Sometimes the thoughts and the unspoken words become mountains, because internally they tend to grow and grow, and then the worry, the lie or the fear becomes a reality.

Reach out... find someone trusted to share these thoughts and words with. Quite often when we speak aloud, we see things differently. We can better articulate the reason for thinking the way we have been. Sharing with someone helps to view the situation with a clear lens, gives a clear perception to something we formulated in our thoughts based on our own misconceptions or experiences.

Find your voice... speaking out loud to a situation helps to build confidence. It allows validation and an opportunity to grow and learn.

Tell someone, it's that simple. By telling someone we may learn we are not alone, it may help to normalize situations that we thought only affected us.

We need each other to grow, there is strength in numbers.

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