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Nevertheless She Persisted

Life doesn't always go as planned, no matter how hard we have worked, planned or envisioned things to be.

So what happens when you're side-swiped in life? You have been moving along building your life, following a road that you have invested your time, hard work and passion into. But it changes, and then what?

Sometimes it can be a choice of another that impacts your life and changes the course of things. Then what?

Where do you start, where do you begin? You have to step in and re-evaluate things. You have to learn to push on and start over or turn things in another direction.

Be persistent...

Persistence gives you a vital experience, it is the act of working hard and trying again and again until you redefine your purpose and continue with strength.

Be determined with who you are on the inside, and what you are really capable of being despite any setbacks...

Be determined to overcome... be persistent.

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