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Moving Forward

We keep things in place by leaving things undone…

How do we keep moving… maybe we need to first step back… Step back and look at our lives and re-evaluate what is really going on? Are our hurts and stresses coming from every day living or is some of the stress from deep trauma or past hurts or past choices we may have made that have impacted us in negative ways?

Let’s step back and take a deep look at who we are, what do we need to be okay? What can we do to be okay? Take a deep look so you can gain a perspective that moves you forward, not hanging onto thoughts and fears that keeps you frozen in fear, unable to change you circumstances.

Let’s get specific, once we see things for what they are, let’s look at doing things one step at a time. What is the most important task at hand, and maybe that task is just taking a deep breath a few times over to bring your thoughts and body to a relaxed place, so you can think clear?

Let’s reach out to others who can help, sometimes it’s saying things out loud sharing your fear or stressors with someone. It’s not looking to them to fix your problem, it’s having them listen. But as you speak the words out loud and listen as well, you may see you feel different about your situation. From their support and your release you find yourself ready to accept and redesign your current outlook.

Let’s do the work, breathe and move forward, no need to move too quickly because it can and does take time to get things going. When we understand what we need or recognize what’s been working against us, we are able to set a plan.

  • List where you are at… fears, blockages, what are your thoughts?

  • Step back and write those fears out on a sheet of paper, be specific

  • Reach out and talk with someone, someone you trust who will step in and allow you the time to speak and then process what you have disclosed without any need to fix you

  • Work on a plan that can help to empower you to KEEP MOVING FORWARD

Keep Moving Forward

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Valerie Hillman
Valerie Hillman
26 thg 4, 2023

I am so inspired to read these, cant wait till you have enough to turn into a little booklet!

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