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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

In what form?

There really is no justice anywhere and especially in the everyday lives of people.

We are lied to, bullied, hated and manipulated to such extremes and no one seems to care.

We are left to fight these atrocities on our own, sometimes with no one even knowing what we are coping with each day.

"Oh the wickedness of one’s own tongue

All the damage that can be done

When we speak without much thought

All the heartache that’s its brought

Are our values in our hearts or in our minds

Are we that selfish not to care

Of special friendships that once were there.

That are being torn apart with each passing day

When we don’t think of what we say!”


We can sometimes suffer terribly by the actions of others. It can be horrific crimes or it can be the less recognized crime of a persons hatred to us, or their actions to a crime they committed and project it to another. We see this daily, we live it daily and we can commit it daily, if we are not careful and cognizant of our own tongues and spiteful words. We can truly impact a persons life for life!

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