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"If only..."

Stop the "if only."

If only I was...

The list could go on forever - younger, older, richer, prettier.

On and on.

There should be no "if only."

It is now and this is what I have today in this moment.

I need to see abundance, my blessings, my gifts.

I need to see my own power, my own strength.

I need to know and to live with "I am..."

I could get so caught up in the "if only" or "when I have..." Which over the years has only proven to me that the expectation of that has kept me stagnant, held me prisoner to always feeling I'm not enough. Always waiting for a moment to be better, to be more. I could get caught up in the waiting on that moment, whatever it may be; thinner, richer, the right house, the right job, so on and so on. I did have to learn, and I'm still learning that "more" did not come from waiting and wanting and hoping. I had to see and understand my power came from my learning to be satisfied and living in the moment. Realizing that my moment is here and now and that whatever the circumstances, there are so many things to be thankful for.

And my gifts are enough.

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