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I Pray the Sharing of My Past Becomes the Courage...

I pray the sharing of my past becomes the courage for someone's future.

There is strength in numbers...

We find comfort and strength when we learn and know we are not alone. Listening to someone's experience can help to understand your own. It can help you to understand and heal knowing someone else has worn the shoes, walked in the shoes, may be living in them still...

I have learned throughout my life that I have gained so much from hearing what others have had to say. I can then relate their experiences to my situation and know that I am okay, I have been okay and I will be okay. It is inspirational to see how others have overcome some of their own life trauma and how it impacted them, what they did to accept and change what could have destroyed them. It can motivate me to push forward and to seek further growth and healing. Relating to stories has allowed me to not question myself, or ask if it's normal for me to be feeling this way. I then knew it was all part of the healing journey.

Listening gave me better insight to things I may have never considered myself or even thought could be relevant to healing.

So I encourage the stories of someone's past because it can give others the courage to move boldly into their own healing and future.

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