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Have Courage

Where are you mid of courage?

Sometimes it's a choice to face something unfamiliar, something new, something you're afraid of doing. Yet to be courageous and to step forward could mean brand new outcomes and success, and it can be such a rewarding experience.

But those who have been affected by the vicissitude of life...

(Vicissitude refers to hardship or difficulty brought on by change. To survive the "vicissitudes of life" is thus to survive life's ups and downs.)

The courage it takes to step forward runs so deep, it's bigger than "I can do this." There are so many layers and so many obstacles to overcome, it may take years to be brave and courageous. The mind thinks it, the subconscious mind holds on to it, and the body remembers.

So be patient with yourself and have courage... and know this day too shall pass and with each courageous step you take - big or small - you are on your way!

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