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Sit sometime as if to meditate

or better yet

sit cross legged

straight back

breathe... breathe deep

Let go of everything

When I did this I noticed the colours

yes the colours

I was sitting late afternoon

towards the sun

and I held my head high

the colour was light... light, fresh and airy

But I felt tired so I lowered my head

and it darkened until it was almost black

And instantly a thought came to me...

it was like shame

it was the gesture of lowering my head

which can be shame...

And then it hit me...

raise your head girl

that's where the light is

that's where the healing

where the joy is...

Raise your head...

As rape victims we lower our heads to shame

to every negative remark

every look, every gesture

Why do we do that?

I don't know the answer.

But I do know that in learning to raise our heads we find light and healing.

We need to hold our heads high, we need to learn to do that.

And we need permission to do just that...

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