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Whisper Out

I was asked what compelled me to write my story, to put it out for all to see. I had to consider that for a while, had the fear, shame and guilt outweighed the deep desire to help people there is no way I would have written it, not for a single instant would I have allowed it to be posted. I realized that the only way things get better is to let the world know the cruelty, the violence, the brutality that exists. I had to hang on to the thought that if I helped only one person, one single person than it would be worth it. What I truly believe is that this website will draw in those people that have been hurt, that are in pain and have nowhere to turn, they will see that it is ok to tell. They will understand and see that yes it is hard, it is a difficult and long journey and there will be many many times when you want to give up, but there are many others that have suffered as they have and have stood tall. That is what I desire, I cannot illuminate all the pain but if I can help a few, that they can see it is ok to speak the truth, people will believe their story, will not judge or take lightly what they say, for them to know there are people out there who really care and who really want to help.

So I put my story in print, I sent it out into the world that others will be inspired to have the courage to whisper their story.

Thelma Davies

>>> There are no words to say to Thelma to thank her for her courage and bravery in sharing her story with us, and with the world. We wanted to know how putting her story out there and speaking it out loud has made her feel and she has graciously been willing to answer that for us. Speaking out is one of the hardest things, but we hope that by seeing Thelma push aside the fear and step out, it will give you the courage to do the same. whisper for now <<<

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