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Strength in Numbers

Yes there is strength in numbers

But why

Why does it take

A tribe of people to speak out

Against one persons mistake

How dare we and why

Do we allow

One persons arrogance

One persons lie

That continues to build

And continues to take

Because to allow their actions to grow stronger

Allows the mountains they make

So why do the hurt

Carry the burden of shame

When entitlement and arrogance

Belong to those to blame

People please give us strength

Give us courage to own

Empower and provoke us…

To stand on our own.

Entitlement: to give a person a title, right or claim to something.

Entitlement needs to belong to the victim, to the hurt… they need to feel the right to believe in righteous justice to amend the harm done to them.

We want to talk about giving victims the encouragement and support to speak out. As we look to prevalent cases in the news like the Ghomeshi case and more recently the Bill Cosby case, both deal with that fact that these crimes began years ago to a number of women, and yet only years later are these victims coming forward and speaking out. So the question everywhere is being asked, why wait until now? We know why they wait… because of fear and shame. How does this change? How does a victim, in the moment find the strength to speak out now? It comes down to having a culture, that in the instant someone is harmed there is confidence in a support network of people, society and the justice system. To believe and know for sure that it’s the harmed who are entitled to power, and a righteous justification. And knowing that the guilty are made accountable.

We support and applaud the women in these cases who have bravely come forward, but we want to see that bravery happening sooner. How many women would not have needed to experience years of silence, shame, and pain if they knew they could have come forward sooner. How many victims would have been spared such agonizing experiences if the guilty had been made accountable sooner?

Once again we want to open discussion to these issues, we want to inform and encourage. And we also want you to know that if you need the support to come forward, we are here to help.

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