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Why Journal?

Words hold power and they help us to self-reflect and connect with ourselves and our emotions regardless of what we have experienced. The power of journaling comes in those moments of silence where we sit and put pen to paper, allowing ourselves to find clarity and deeper purpose.

Journaling can be your whisper.

Why Journal?

  • Helps to find clarity in the moments where you feel confused and uncertain

  • Helps you to understand yourself better

  • Helps you to recover from traumatic experiences

  • Reduces stress

  • Allows you to release emotions without concern for what others may think or say

  • Allows a quiet moment to self reflect

Your Whisper

Journaling is your safe place, your power, your strength your voice…

Your insecurities, your fears, your doubts, your tears…

Your hopes, joys, inspirations and goals…

It is your personal map of roads traveled and new directions to go, to help clarify things and to help you grow.

Why Journal?

Journaling can help navigate through past experiences, it can bring clarity to confusion. It can help us to speak back to ourselves and to bring new hopes, aspirations and desires to our lives. It is an opportunity to let go and grow from experiences both positive and negative. It can bring confidence, self-determination and power back to the most important person in your life and that is you.

When you have a healthy you, the possibilities are endless.

When you look back at roads traveled, by choice or other roads you have been thrown down, roads you were not prepared for, you can learn, grow and heal. I believe we need to learn from what life has given us, whether it is by our choice or by another's (and we are certainly the result of others choices.) We need to grow in it and we need to share to empower ourselves and others.

When you have a road map to follow, the travels can be exciting again. When the direction is clear and you can take others with you on the journey of life, you find your purpose…

How blessed to live your purpose! Journaling helps find that purpose!

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1 commentaire

Valerie Hillman
Valerie Hillman
02 avr. 2023

Clarity - finding clarity amidst trauma and confusion is worth the process, am really encouraged to journal by these posts!🌞

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