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In The News - Justice Robin Camp

A recent sexual assault trial in Alberta has hit news headlines after shocking statements made by the judge, questioning the efforts of the complainant to fend off her attacker. Cases like this bring the challenges and issues facing sexual assault to the forefront again.

This was recently posted on Facebook, and we think it opens up the discussion to this issue.

“Domestic violence and sexual assault cases go unreported all of the time. Why? Because of people like Justice Camp. Telling women to just “close their legs.” REALLY? I can’t stand the mentality of some who believe “she dressed provocatively, so she was asking for it.” It doesn’t matter what you wear. You could go to a nightclub in your nightgown. That doesn’t mean he has the entitlement to touch your body. It is your body and only you decide what happens to it. With all the victims I have helped dealing with this, I know there are many more who won’t come forward and tell. I’m asking if there is anyone out there who has been a victim of sexual assault or violence of any kind… come forward! Tell someone! There are many people who will believe in you. I will. You’re stronger than you think.” – Krista Brookes

Sadly, comments like those made by Justice Camp take sexual assault and domestic violence victims backwards. How many people haven’t been afraid to speak out and tell their story for this very reason? We want to open up discussion, we want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this and we hope that you will take the time to comment or email us. Let us know what you think.

To read more about this story, use the links below.

National Post

CBC News

Calgary Herald

CTV News

*Krista Brookes is currently Program Manager of Victim Services in Vulcan, Alberta

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